Your chimney and fireplace are designed to withstand the test of time if properly maintained and looked after. One of the most notorious variables in determining your chimney and fireplace’s longevity is its level of moisture resistance. A chimney with poor moisture resistance can mean costly repairs to your chimney and your home, time without your fire, and even the need for a complete rebuild!

Water Intrusion & Your Chimney

Whether you have a Pre-Fab or Masonry unit, your chimney is constructed of many materials, all of which are adversely affected by moisture. This means that if water penetrates your chimney’s exterior, it can destroy it from the inside out. A leaky chimney can result in:

  • Rusted chimney and fireplace components (damper, chimney flue, utility flue, gas line/valves)
  • Deteriorated metal or masonry firebox assemblies
  • Rotting internal or nearby wood framing
  • Water stained walls and ceiling
  • Stained chimney exterior
  • Decayed interior and exterior mortar
  • Cracked or deteriorated flue lining system
  • Collapsed hearth support
  • Tilted or collapsed chimney structure
  • Compromised chimney stability

A leaky chimney, if not repaired in a timely fashion, can cause immense damage to other areas of your home as well. Beyond the costly repairs that a leaky chimney can create, it can also create breathing/respiratory issues for family members; both with and without a history of respiratory problems. Once the moisture has made its way in, and warmer months set in, your home is now susceptible to mold/mildew/unwanted growth.

What You Should Do

Listen for the sounds of running water near your fireplace and chimney during heavier rains. Conduct your own visual inspection around the exterior of your chimney, from the ground, and take note if you notice any sort of discoloration or growth. If you hear or see evidence of water intrusion, call our office today so we can schedule your chimney and fireplace inspection!

What Southern Chimneys Will Do

Southern Chimneys will come out and conduct a full, 18-point inspection on your entire fireplace and chimney system. We will trace the water intrusion and we will get the issue resolved! We work alongside a team of skilled roofers and siding contractors, so in the chance that your water intrusion isn’t directly linked to the chimney, we will get you in contact with one of our partners!