It’s getting very hot outside here in Atlanta. Now’s the time to use this quick summer chimney checklist.

With the temperature climbing and your AC running, you’ve stopped thinking about your chimney and fireplace. It’s just sitting there, going unused, not bothering anybody.

Summertime is an important time for the maintenance and upkeep on your chimney and fireplace, as keeping them clean and protected now will lead to a successful heating experience in the fall and winter.

summer chimney checklist

Here’s your 7 point summer chimney checklist:

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 1: Thoroughly clean the hearth

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people forget to clean out the ash, sweep, dust, and vacuum their hearth. You’re going to want to wear gloves and old clothes because this job gets dirty! First, scoop out the ashes with an ash shovel, then use a small broom and dustpan to sweep out the rest. Next, you’re going to want to use your favorite gentle cleanser and scrubber to get the creosote up and give everything a final wipe off and vacuum.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 2: Take a look outside

While the sun is out and bright, take a look at the exterior of your chimney. Look for any signs of damage like cracks, loose bricks, or missing mortar. If you see anything, give Southern Chimneys a call so we can address them before the busy heating season! While your out there, make sure there’s no debris, branches, or vegetation around your chimney. This reduces fire risk and keeps your chimney free from potential obstructions.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 3: Close the damper tight

A lot of people who have fireplaces forget to close their dampers when they’re not using the fireplace. This means there is essentially a hole in your house letting cool air out! Be sure to close the damper tight after you’re done using your fireplace for the season.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 4: Turn off pilot light (gas)

If you’re using a gas fireplace, you should know if you have a standing pilot light and make sure it’s turned off for the summer.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 5: Decorate your fireplace!

If that fireplace is just sitting there going unused for many months, you may as well use that space to decorate. For instance, you can place plants around the hearth to bring the green nature of summertime indoors. 

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 6: Call Southern Chimneys to remove creosote

Before giving those hands and knees too much of a workout, you honestly probably won’t be able to get all that creosote out that’s been storing up all winter. Even if you do, you certainly won’t be able to get all up in it. That’s when you need to give a professional chimney service like Southern Chimneys a call.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 7: Call Southern Chimneys to check or install a chimney cap

It’s always a very wet summer in the southeast. Chimney caps keep out things like moisture and animals that can wind up in your chimney in the summertime.

Summer Chimney Checklist Point 8: Consider making summertime the time for your yearly chimney inspection! 

It’s always smart to get a jump on things and schedule your chimney and fireplace work and inspections long before the weather cools down. Call Southern Chimneys to schedule your summer chimney inspection and cleaning! We can identify any issues and perform any necessary maintenance to keep your chimney in top condition.

Now’s the time to clean up, decorate, and get things inspected so you can enjoy your living room, clean and safe, all summer long.