Let’s face it: There has been a LOT going on this year. Everything is amped up to an eleven and your priorities are most likely out of whack. With homeschooling, quarantining, masking, and disinfecting swirling around your now-drastically-changed life, things like simple home repairs and inspections are likely to fall to the wayside.

Don’t let that happen to your chimney inspection this year. If you put it off all spring, forgot about it during the summer—Well, now the time is up and cold weather is here. Now is the time to be worried about your chimney!

Sure, it looks fine, there’s no smell or water damage evident. Plus, it’s the holiday season approaching and you’re just so busy… In reality, there’s no better time than now to get your chimney inspected! And while you’re at it, mark next year’s calendar too because that chimney inspection should be a regular, annual event.

So, how does your family benefit from an inspection?

A Chimney Inspection Enhances Safety

 – a lack of maintenance can lead to chimney and house fires. A regularly scheduled chimney inspection will prevent this. In fact, an annual chimney and venting system sweeping and inspection is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

A Chimney Inspection Saves You Money

Many homes don’t get their chimneys inspected, and they wind up getting them repaired because they didn’t take that time. Being proactive stops this. You will save so much more money on an inspection and sweep than you will when you have to have major repairs done.

A Chimney Inspection Provides Knowledge

You don’t know, and that’s okay! It’s normal and happens all the time, but most people move into a home or begin renting one with a chimney and have no idea what condition that chimney’s really in. Don’t let that be you. For instance, how’s your cap? Do you even have one? Do you know what it is?

A Chimney Inspections Gives You Peace of Mind

The masonry of a chimney is made to last forever and hold up like a house, so chimney damage is something that you can’t really see and, the worse it gets, the more expensive it is to repair. If you get things checked out every year, you don’t have to worry about it!