Winter is only halfway through, and already we’ve been having record rainy weather in the Southeast. As if the conditions on the road and your soggy yard aren’t bad enough, have you been thinking about the potential damage being done to your chimney?

Cycles of thawing and freezing, which we’ve been experiencing a lot of thanks to 65-degree days followed by 30-degree mornings, increase the moisture content in mortar and bricks, which can spell doom for your chimney in the long run. Moisture makes chimneys expand and contract, which means, yep, cracks and crumbling. Leaks in a chimney can permeate the brick and lead to disasters like: 

  • Clogging of the fireplace
  • Deterioration of masonry and metal firebox
  • Stained walls in your home
  • Rusting of damper
  • Damage to central heating and air
  • Stained exterior of chimney
  • Crumbling, collapsing of chimney
  • That funky creosote smell

You’re already getting your chimney inspected annually, right? If not, you need to do so and work with Southern Chimneys to ensure your chimney isn’t unsafe for you and your family. You can save money and prevent all of the above horrors by taking steps like installing a chimney cap or waterproofing. Contact Southern Chimneys now and we will go over your options and get you ready for a full inspection so you can stay dry and warm this wet winter.