chimney inspection

We’re having record high heat as you read this so you might be wondering how exactly your summer chimney inspection is important. While you might be in shorts and flip-flops, your chimney is still working…always ready to keep your home comfortable and protected. It might not be blowing smoke, but it’s definitely storing some residue and it may even be housing some neighborhood birds. 

Getting your summer chimney inspection will have you ready for winter before anyone else since companies like Southern Chimneys start getting really busy around September. Summer chimney inspection is reserved for smart, proactive homeowners who know to call and take care of things before bookings start to fill up. 

6 Reasons To Get Your Summer Chimney Inspection

  1. Easier Appointment – get peace of mind knowing you’re handling things before it’s too late. 
  2. Keep the Critters Out – no, really. You’d be surprised who likes to hang out in an unused chimney. 
  3. Safety – keeping things clean protects you from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Catch problems early – proactive people don’t have to worry about the extra cost that comes with putting things off. 
  5. Remove the funk (and smoke damage) – believe it or not, that built up residue inside your chimney will produce a smell over time and the more you clean, the less it builds up.
  6. It’s a mess – You do not want to do this yourself. 

Hurry up and call Southern Chimneys! Remember, by September winter bookings start to fill up. Let us get you ready for winter this summer.